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I am a freelance web design and development professional, based in Portland, Oregon.

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Hello! My name is John Bentley.

I am a freelance web designer and digital marketer with over five years of experience. I’ve worked on many different companies, with clients ranging from small, grassroots non-profits to large, fortune 500 companies.



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"I cannot overstate how much John Bentley Creative has done to grow our nonprofit over the past 2+ years. John created our logo, developed our website, has crafted email and social media campaigns, performed analytics on our external communications, and is now configuring a CRM. Thanks in no small part to John, our organization has been able to raise and spend over $160,000 towards immigrant legal defense, which has helped 24 people get released from detention centers and reunite with their families."

Cameron Coval, Executive Director, Pueblo Unido PDX


"He is the rare combination of being smart developer, adaptive UX designer and insightful marketing analyst all at the same time. During our time together, he increased search visibility to our website by 25% using Moz and Google Analytics. John is a tremendous asset to any team and has a bright future in Martech."

Garrett Gillas, Marketing Technologist

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