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Hi, I'm John - a seasoned product designer with over 9 years of experience in digital products, including 3 years of exclusively working on UX for web applications. I’ve worked on many different projects, with clients ranging from small non-profits to large, Fortune 500 companies.

As a kid growing up in England, I fell in love with technology almost instantly. My early passion for video games and digital media led me to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science degree in Game Design in 2014. Currently, I design and develop web applications and websites for startups and small businesses.

In my work, I prioritize understanding the core problem in order to craft an effective solution. I lead user research sessions (including usability testing and customer interviews) in order to share insights with stakeholders and build a shared knowledge of the problem at hand. Through this process, I combine my problem-solving skills with research-backed methods of UX processes, product strategy, and visual design. This results in usable, intuitive, and accessible design solutions that are tailor-made for each project.

My passion for digital design stems from my desire to create exceptional experiences for everyone. I love creating compelling solutions that solve user problems, so that everyone has a fair shot at interacting with digital products. I seek work environments where I can collaborate with passionate individuals who are keen to deliver the best user experience possible.



When I'm not at my desk, you'll find me exploring nature—from summit to sea. I love mountaineering, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. In support of my love for rock climbing, I designed an app called "Bolder", which helps climbers track their latest sends and climbing accomplishments.



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