Building a Mountainous Endless Runner: Days 1-2

With a desire to participate in more game jams, I eagerly awaited the commencement of GitHub's Game Off. Now, it's time to code!

Introduction: Seizing the Opportunity

As a passionate game developer, I've always sought out new challenges and opportunities to hone my skills. With a desire to participate in more game jams, I eagerly awaited the commencement of GitHub's Game Off. The theme for this exciting game jam was revealed to be "SCALE," a concept that immediately sparked my imagination.

Day 1: Dreaming Up the Game

On the first day of this thrilling journey, I began to envision an endless runner set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring mountainous regions. Armed with snowy mountain art assets I discovered online, I began to craft a vivid landscape that would serve as the canvas for my creation.

With the Phaser framework at my disposal, I seamlessly integrated these elements, laying the foundation for what promised to be an exhilarating adventure. Additionally, I introduced a player character, a key element that would bring the game to life.

An image of a pixel art game, with a small player in a running poster in the lower left-hand corner. The level is a snowy, mountainous region.

Day 2: Breathing Life into the Mountains

Building on the momentum from the previous day, I focused on elevating the immersive experience. Implementing a parallax effect for the mountains, I introduced dynamic movement speeds that added depth and realism to the game's environment.

Taking player interaction to the next level, I expanded their capabilities. Now, in addition to running, the player could jump with a simple press of the spacebar. This new feature not only heightened the excitement but also opened up new avenues for gameplay possibilities.

To ensure seamless execution, I integrated corresponding animations that brought the player's movements to life. Debug text was strategically placed to monitor the player's velocity, ensuring that animations played flawlessly.

An image of the game screen with the snowy mountainous region, a pause button in the upper-right hand corner, and some debug text displaying the player's velocity.

But what's an endless runner without obstacles? I introduced some spooky challenges for the player to overcome (...pumpkins). These obstacles added an element of strategy and excitement, providing a dynamic experience that kept players on their toes. Right now, they are static on the right side of the page. Soon though, I'll have them move to the left to maintain the illusion of player movement.

While the game mechanics were taking shape, I intentionally left room for further innovation. My plan was to refine the endless runner loop before introducing additional elements, such as mountain climbing and encounters with bighorn sheep. The foundation was set, and the possibilities are boundless.

A gif of the mountain climbing game, with the player moving to the right.

Next up, I plan to refine the obstacle code, and start honing in on the core game loop so that the player can rack up a score as they play. Stay tuned for more updates on this exhilarating development journey!

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