Epidemiologic Research & Methods, LLC

Epidemiologic Research & Methods, LLC reached out to have their website rebuilt from the ground up, using the latest and greatest web development technology: NextJS, Vercel, and Contentful.

Epidemiology Research & Methods, LLC needed a website refresh, as the company was going and the technology they were using was growing outdated.

I started with a skeleton of the website, including a lot of static placeholder content. This version of the website was built using NextJS as the main framework, with Material UI as a component library. Material UI helped me to create the site's foundation quickly, without having to worry about styling every component individually.

First version - ERM

As the site grew, I implemented Contentful as an editable backend for the website. Contentful is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit a website's content without updating code. It's how I'm editing this block of text on the site you're browsing now!

Once Contentful was fully implemented, I added the key stakeholders at ERM so that they could update the content to their liking. After rounds of changes to the design and updates to the content, we had a final version of the site!

Final version - ERM

You can check out the live version of the site here: https://www.epidemiologymethods.com/

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