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At Retrium, users were frustrated by a slow email verification process when signing up for an account. I saw this as an opportunity to both fix this pain point and improve the visual aesthetic of the flow.

The first step I took in revamping the login flow involved creating a Miro document that detailed all of the facts about the login process. I listed every step the user had to take in order to sign up for an account with Retrium - from visiting the marketing site all the way to joining their first team room.

What I noticed was that the flow contained 7 steps - including one very time-consuming email verification step. I started to form a hypothesis that replacing email verification with some sort of social integration (via Google or Twitter) would save users a lot of time and frustration. I also observed that the style of the login flow was somewhat unprofessional, and didn't match the styles used on the marketing site. Given that users perceive aesthetically-pleasing designs to be easier to use, I made a note of that.

In order to confirm my hypothesis about SSO, I started by conducting a usability test with a panel of 6 users. These users were randomly selected, and most had not used an online retrospective tool like Retrium before. Most of them were developers or product managers, with experience using tools to help with work productivity. Unsurprisingly, email verification proved to be a challenging step for users. Our participants would often express frustration with the step, or worse, they wouldn't receive the email at all.

It seemed after testing that cutting out the verification step and improving the aesthetics would go a long way to improving the UX of signing up and logging in, while also improving the conversion rate.

We decided on Google Sign-on as the integration for SSO, given that many users have an existing Google account that they could use. I created some very simple mockups for our developers and found that GSO would reduce our sign-up steps from 7 down to 3.

Login step 1 (old) - Retirum

In scoping our work for Google Sign On, I requested that we include some aesthetic improvements. Once GSO was out the door, I worked closely with our developers to make sure the login aesthetic was refreshed to match our Marketing site's design system.

Login (new) - RetriumSign up (new) - Retrium

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